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Team Bottomline No Excuses!


Congratulations! You have joined Team Bottomline No Excuses! One of the fastest growing teams in CCM (Consumer Choice Marketing).


Welcome to Our Family!


I want to extend a personal thanks to you for joining Team Bottomline No Excuses. I appreciate and value the trust you’ve instilled in us and your sponsor/inviter who referred you to the program. Notice that this is a very simple “training” site with a bunch of “advance training” Proven Tools, Technique's & Strategies to help you build your business. The personal growth material is very necessary for the Growth and Development of your business and will put you far ahead of the competition. HOURS AND HOURS of Time, Energy and Effort has been put into developing this training to ensure your success and that you get off to a fast proper start. Most of the training material consist of video and audio footage that you need to be Successful? The training will keep you focused and well grounded. It is Very Important that you understand that you need to visit this training room at least 3 times a week or more to stay fresh & updated. Plug into the Training System. Make a 12 month committment to your business. Attend the weekly training calls, webinars, business & Leadership Events. You are the most important person in your business. What you put into this business is what you will get out of it! Make sure you & your team are registered for the upcoming webinars. There is nothing more POWERFUL than a "Made Up MIND". You have made your decision to join us Now lets get down to business. God's will is for us to be Prosperious! We are changing the WORLD one family at a time your Success matters to us, Thank you Frank Hanserd, Jr.




"Seven Steps How To Build A Sucessful Business"


1. 100% Commitment to your business. You need to have at least 5 to 10


    DVD/Magazines. Keep your daily planner and at least one business dvd


    on you at all times. Always keep your eyes and ears open you never


    know who you might meet. Be a Product of the Product


                                          - Purchase the Online Utility Store 

                                          - Purchase the CCM Power Pack

                                          - Become your first 4 customers


2. You need to sponsor people at your lever or above.


Book your first (B.L.P.) Business Launch Party 7-10 days after you enroll


                                    - Invite using the proven script


                                    - At your home or office


3. Share the business- First make a list of names & numbers of people you


    would like to share this business with. Pass out as many dvd/magazines


    as you canPlan your work and work your Plan, Be Consistent &


                                        Build a list of contacts


                                  - 50 people that use Energy, and Utilities


                                  - 50 Business Builders


                                  - Learn the 3 Questions

                           - Get a minimum of 10 new customers with the script


4. Books you need to read at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. Check with your


    upline for recommendations. Books will help you grow inside (Personal




5. Utilize all your business tools, Dvd’s/Magazines, English Sizzle Call ph#


   (641) 715-3900 ext 125381# Spanish Sizzle Call (614) 715-3900 ext


   228796# Go Mobile Card, and your 5 websites









6. Attend All Functions if you go you grow. Whenever there is a business


   training you need to be there No Excuses! Get around the people who


   support the same thing that you support.


                                      Plug into the Training System


                                  -12 month commitment


                                  - Attend Weekly training calls and webinars


                                  - Attend all Business and Leadership Events


7. Most important you need to council with your “Upline” at least once a


    week. Be accountable network marketing is 90% mental 10% physical.


    Never try anything for the first time without checking with Upline first. It


    could be detrimental to your business. Remember your upline has a


    vested interest in you so follow the system follow their leadership!


Book Of The Month For Jan 2013 "Living Without Losing"


by Don Polston




Company Sizzle Call


English (641) 715-3900 ext 125381#


Spanish (641) 715-36900 ext 228796#


Mon Night CCM National Business Overview Calls 7pm (PST)


(248) 464-6062 ext 642056#


Tues Night Live CCM Webinars 7pm (PST)


Presented by: Frank Hanserd Jr Executive Director


(213) 416-1560 ext 291046932#


Wed Night CCM Webinar 7pm (PST)

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(248) 464-6062 ext 642056#


Thurs Night Vision Calls 7pm (PST)


Presented by: Bill Hoffmann CCM Co-Founder


(248) 464-6062 ext 642056#

Thurs Night CCM Spanish Team Call 6:15pm (PST)

(712) 432-0900 ext 


Sat Morning CCM Webinar 9am (PST)

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(248) 464-6062 ext 642056# 


Sunday Night "How 2 Explode Your CCM Business" Team Call 7pm(PST)


(712) 432-0900 ext 


My Upline Support Team


Exec Director Frank Hanserd Jr (619) 227-7086


Exec Director Kimmy Roberts (760) 809-1729


National Dir Dan Clementi (216) 392-9086


Head Of Field Steve Bishop (419) 290-1459


Broker Support (419) 794-1404 fax# (419) 794-7742


CCM Corporate Office 7300 International Drive Holland, Oh 43528


Ph (419) 794-1404 fax# (419) 794-7742


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